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New Facility Sign

September 6, 2017

Moore Brick & Stone is producing a new facilities sign. The current sign utilized the basest materials, simplest utilitarian presentation, and is effectively (shall we say) – unattractive.

Project : New Sign

Rough sketch of the sign being constructed at the end of this month for Moore Brick and Stone. So, how is it coming together? Glad you asked…

  • Getting our cedar posts and beam from Bill Gingrich of Timber Services, Inc. They’ll be finished with Marine Varnish.
  • Wrought iron bands with chain, iron caps & “forged” nails are coming from James Gibbons of Creative Sparks.
  • Masonry labor (for dry-stack stone and brick) provided by Herman Seawall of Seawall Masonry.
  • And of course – the best masonry supply house in Moore County (yours truly, Moore Brick & Stone) for all the brick, rock and masonry supplies. We have our material on hand and are raring to go!

Build details to come…

Project Details

Client Moore Brick & Stone

Date July 2017

Skills Stone, Brick, Design & Material

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327 Fields Dr.
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