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Moore Brick & Stone ::: New Showroom

September 8, 2017

The New Showroom

The new showroom makes its debut in July. What does it offer? Displays. Every variation of brick we currently offer is on display – mounted. Not stuck on a board like traditional display boards – but rather, mounted on to the wall with grout. You cannot just see and TRY to imagine what that particular palette of brick might look like… you can know. You can see. The same is true of the rock and stone, the block…


The display room presents the wide range of products we offer at Moore Brick & Stone. But we did not stop there… Continue to follow us on both the web and social media where we will showcase projects of builders, masons and the occasional do-it-yourselfer featuring brick and stone supplied by us.


Construction of any sort starts with… an idea. The notion that something can be made – and it should be made in a certain way. The choice of materials are structural and aesthetic – for both functional purpose and appealing beauty. Let us show you an idea – or two!

Project Details

Client Moore Brick & Stone

Date July 2017

Skills Brick, Masonry, Design

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