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Moore Brick & Stone ::: New Showroom

September 8, 2017

The New Showroom The new showroom makes its debut in July. What does it offer? Displays. Every variation of brick we currently offer is on display – mounted. Not stuck on a board like traditional display boards – but rather, mounted on to the wall with grout. You cannot just see and TRY to imagine…Read More


McFadden Homes Incorporated

September 7, 2017

McFadden Homes, Inc., owned by Bruce McFadden, builds custom homes and provides full-service home renovations, additions, and remodels. We want to highlight a few projects that Bruce has built utilizing the brick, stone and masonry supplies of Moore Brick & Stone. McFadden Bruce McFadden has an Unlimited Building License in North Carolina, along with a…Read More


New Facility Sign

September 6, 2017

Moore Brick & Stone is producing a new facilities sign. The current sign utilized the basest materials, simplest utilitarian presentation, and is effectively (shall we say) – unattractive. Project : New Sign Rough sketch of the sign being constructed at the end of this month for Moore Brick and Stone. So, how is it coming…Read More

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